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What Were We Thinking? The Top 10 Most Dangerous Ads

(via Collector's Weekly)

We laugh at older advertising for outdated modes of thinking, cringing at sexism, racism and other social prdujices. But beyond simply the way the products were presented, there is also a history of toxic products being peddled as healthy. Collector's Weekly has a top ten list of dangerous ads that includes, of course, cigarettes as good for you, sugar used to help you lose weight, 7-Up for babies and lead paint fun for kids. Check out all ten, and remember to watch your advertising with a healthy level of skeptacism.

(via Collector's Weekly)

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The first thing that came to mind as I saw these advertisements was just how powerful media and propaganda truly are in influencing society as a whole. We see just how easy it was for businesses to promote unhealthy products as being healthy at that time. It makes me raise an eyebrow and wonder just how many things we consider normal are actually detrimental to our health and we've yet to discover it. This situation right here is a testament to the power of advertising. A genuinely good product will never sell so long as it is promoted with a mediocre ad campaign, and a mediocre product will fly off the shelves as long as it is effectively promoted with a good campaign.
Russell Cluff

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