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Design Matters From the Archive: Louise Fili

This is the tenth anniversary of Design Matters, and to mark the anniversary we're re-playing some of our favorite shows from the archive. This one, an interview with Louise Fili, was recorded in 2012.

Debbie talks to Louise Fili about designing book covers, designing for restaurants, about why she prefers working for small businesses, and about the importance of sketching. "When I get excited about a design that's in the sketch phase, it's like ‘Ah! This is it. Now I really have something.’ And that's usually the one that will work."

Louise Fili, photographed in her NYC studio by Danielle Kosann. (Source)

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It's a really cool article.
Deja Mack

Debbie, Thank you so much for all your interviews, and especially this archive. I met Louise Fili years ago and hearing the two of you speak together on this podcast was both inspiring and a joy. You both give me such pride to be a graphic designer.
Barbara Gelfand Summer

i love this write Up! keep it up dear. :)
Godspower Adaushikong

John Anderson

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