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Design Baseball

Looking for a truly unique gift to give a designer this holiday? At this year's AIGA National Conference, David Hisaya Asari, president of AIGA SF, asked 21 designers to sign two baseballs. And we're auctioning off one of those baseballs this week! Bidding starts at just $1 and goes through December 14th.

The 21 generous designers who signed the baseballs are: Sean Adams, Dana Arnett, Eric Baker, Marian Bantjes, Michael Bierut, Andrew Blauvelt, Aaron Draplin, Maria Giudice, April Greiman, Jessica Helfand, Kit Hinrichs, Nicole Jacek, Michael Mabry, Debbie Millman, Clement Mok, Noreen Morioka, Jennifer Morla, Bonnie Siegler, Lucille Tenazas, Rick Valicenti and Michael Vanderbyl. Check out our slideshow of all 21 signing the baseball.

The AIGA SF baseball will auctioned in 2014 and will be used as part of their ongoing fundraising efforts (including Continuum and InsideOut SF) and for their Enrichment Scholarships and student programming. Keep your eye on the AIGA SF site for details.

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