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Card Shark (a Poem)

Debbie Millman's newset book Self Portrait as Your Traitor is coming out November 8th. WIth permission of the publisher, we are reprinting a visual poem from the book entitled "Card Shark".

Editor's Note: How do you read a piece of art that's at once a poem and a made object? (How much of a metaphor is "read" here?) And how do you "read" that object when part of its appeal is its mystery, "Card Shark (A Poem)" being at once addressed to a card shark and about the card shark's crypticness, which the speaker claims to learn from. But how would we know? And don't we all know these mazes of intimacy, these intimate mazes in which, once you're inside, you lose sight of who's playing whom, whether you should stay? —Adam Plunkett

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Speaking of cards, Debbie Millman is the Queen of Hearts -- of my heart. At the very least, she knows my heart as well as she knows her own.

Case in point: "As I weigh the fragile and the nasty" - Yes, they're hard to tell apart. But thank God for these imperfections and vulnerabilities that lie coiled together within all of us like sleeping lovers.

Thank you, Debbie, for revealing yours so we can read/see them, for braving the most frightening and necessary nudity.

I want to know more of your "tells," Debbie. There's a lot that you make me want.

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