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Piet Zwart Collection

Piet Zwart, broadside announcement for Experimenteel Tooneel WijNu, 1925

An extensive collection of graphic design from the Dutch designer Piet Zwart (1885-1977), is currently available from the rare book firm, Ars Libri. Among the collection are famous projects for the Nederlandsche Kabelfabriek Delft (NKF) — including the 1929 English edition of the "Cable Book," his masterpiece, and proofs of classic advertisements for the Netherlands Post Office (PTT).

This collection includes some extremely fine examples of early broadsides, small-format posters and booklets and pamphlets, as well as a variety of advertising ephemera (such as a series of photomontage calendar cards for Bruynzeel). The collections also includes books and periodicals about Piet Zwart and his design work, from early in his career to the later years.

Piet Zwart's work was multi-disciplinary and spanned the gamut of industrial design, typography, photography, and most notably graphic design. As an industrial designer, Zwart is best known for his design of the Bruynzeel modular kitchen in 1937, which is still available today. As a graphic designer, the work he produced for Nederlandse Kabelfabriek Delft (Dutch Cable Factory in Delft) and Dutch Postal Telegraph and Telephone Company (PTT) is arguably among the best known Dutch graphic design of the 20th century. His graphic design work clearly shows the influence of Constructivism and, though he was not a part of the De Stijl, his work reflects elements of this movement. Recurring themes are the use of repetitious patterns, lines, circles, primary colors, photomontage and explorations of experimental typography.

In 2000, Zwart was posthumously awarded the "Designer of the Century" award by the Association of Dutch Designers.

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Zwart is a great designer.
Luke Jones

I love this! Thanks for sharing.
Max Batt

Thank you for this tribute.
Federico Diaz Mastellone

Zwart is best known for his design of the Bruynzeel modular kitchen in 1937, which is still available today.

Not completely true. It says on that site: "Een eigentijds eerbetoon aan de originele Piet Zwart-keuken uit 1937." Which translates as: a contemporary tribute to the original Piet Zwart-kitchen from 1937.
ijsbrand van den berg

The number 10 from the ars libris Piet Zwart collection is not by
designed by Zwart but my late friend and Zwart contemporary Henny Cahn.
dick maan

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