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One Idea. One Minute. One Voice.

On Monday, Design Observer will debut a new podcast series. We're calling it Insights Per Minute.

The premise is simple: just as certain ideas fit into an essay and others are more suited to a tweet, we believe that 60 seconds of a singular voice is a powerful format for new, uncluttered insight.

Our first series of ten insights will launch on Monday, September 2 with Jessica Helfand on Brevity. Following her will be Rob Walker on Seeing, Ralph Caplan on Titles, Nicholas Christakis on Networks, Alice Twemlow on Home, Ricky Jay on Collecting, Wendy MacLeod on Fasting, John Maeda on Loops, Joanna Radin on Potential and Marvin Heiferman on Photographs. Our second series will include Mark Lamster, Thomas Fischer, Chip Kidd, David Womack, John Foster and Sandy McClatchy, among others.

Check in Monday morning to listen to Jessica, subscribe to our podcast and let us know what you think.

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