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Nubians Then and Now

Greg Constantine, Nubian Homes in Kibera, July 2010.

"Kenya’s Nubians: Then & Now" presents the history and struggles of the Nubian community who have lived in the Kibera area of Nairobi for the last 100 years.

Greg Constantine, recipient of a 2009 Open Society Institute Distribution Grant, has worked with the Nubians in Kibera to collect rare, historical photographs of the community dating back as far as 1912. A selection of the photographs has been reprinted and combined with Constantine's own work in an exhibition that not only chronicles the history of the Nubian community in Nairobi, but also documents how statelessness and the denial of citizenship affect the Nubians' struggle for recognition.

Press description of "Kenya’s Nubians: Then & Now" exhibit at the Go Down Arts Centre in Nairobi through August 14, 2010. The show will travel to London later this year.

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Remarkable project. We would love to feature this on African Digital Art http://africandigitalart.com

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