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S7E09: Mark Bloomfield + Shaun Borstrock

Mark Bloomfield is a jewelry designer and the founder of Electrobloom. Shaun Borstrock is associate dean for business and innovation at the University of Hertfordshire and director of its Digital Hack Lab 

Together Borstrock and Bloomfield run Modeclix, which makes modular 3D-printed textiles. 

Modeclix draws upon Bloomfield’s experience with computer assisted design and additive manufacturing as well as Borstrock’s history of creating luxury designer fashion.

“A lot of 3D printed garments up until that point have been amazing structural forms,” Bloomfield says, telling an industry joke that most 3D printed clothes look great but you can’t sit down while wearing them:
Our objective was to make something that was wearable and would fit. And the idea of the links coming apart actually happened, we had failed build. I was playing with what had come out of that build. And it was like, Well, if I could just make this link detach and reattach, then I could repair it.

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