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From the Archive: Lee Moreau

Lee Moreau is Vice President of Design at EPAM Continuum, a global design and innovation consultancy based in Boston. He is also a visiting lecturer at MIT where he teaches design strategy and innovation.

Continuum and Fisher-Price partnered to envision parenting in the future.

Moreau talks about how many companies rely on assumptions about their core consumers instead of constantly listening to their needs:
Most of our clients come in with a problem and it’s often not actually the problem at all. And it’s only through the consumer research and the analysis that we can uncover what the fundamental problem was.

Reimagining the customer experience to position Jamba for a healthy future.

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The global banking giant BBVA approached Continuum with a lofty challenge: envision the bank of the future

Southwest Airlines worked with Continuum to improve the in-airport customer experience.

Chili's partnered with Continuum to differentiate from the noise in the casual dining space.

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